報告4 ワークショップ「アニメーション・バトル!」(2016年9月16日) / Report 4 Workshop “Animation Battle!” (Sep 16, 2016)

報告4 ワークショップ「アニメーション・バトル!」







Report 4  Workshop “Animation Battle!”

Instructor: Masanobu Hiraoka

September 16, 2016

@Nanyang Technological University

Masanobu Hiraoka’s “Animation Battle!” workshop was divided into two stages. For the first part, participants tackled metamorphosis animation following a specific assignment, and for the second part participants worked together in a relay to produce animation.

Hiraoka has built his reputation on animation that makes use of metamorphosis that is both subtle and bold. Hiraoka started off the workshop by explaining that his own animation metamorphosis is based on “how you turn a circle into a triangle.” His idea is that once you’ve set the circle as the beginning and the triangle as the ending, the appeal of animation comes from coming up with interesting variations for the “interval” in between. The participants created their own “circle to triangle” animation pieces with detailed advice from Hiraoka about how to come up with variations, such as asking, “Does the viewer feel good?” and “How will people view the animation?” He also suggested undercutting audience expectations, leaving room for the audience to come up with their own meaning for the piece, give the piece a sense of unity, using the entire screen, and creating movement that is fun to draw.

For the second part of the “Animation Battle!” workshop, each participant created a one-second loop and then moved to the adjacent seat, where they added a one-second loop to the previous person’s work, and they repeated this collaborative effort until the time was up. In the end, they completed about 20 collaboration animation pieces with increasing numbers of loops on the screen.

  Hiraoka said that the workshop aimed to use collaboration to liberate participants from personal habits that they’d picked up in the course of making animation, thereby enabling them to come up with new ways of doing things. (Nobuaki Doi)