報告3 ワークショップ「一緒に空を作ろう!」(2016年9月15日) / Report 3 Workshop “Let’s Make Sky Together” (Sep 15, 2016)

報告3 ワークショップ「一緒に空を作ろう!」






Report 3  Workshop “Let’s Make Sky Together” 

Instructors: Eri Kawaguchi and Asami Ike

September 15, 2016

@Nanyang Technological University

Eri Kawaguchi and Asami Ike’s “Let’s Make the Sky Together!” workshop had groups of participants use multi-plane animation stands and different types of materials to create animation pieces depicting the sky. The inspiration for the workshop came from Eri Kawaguchi’s production of Flowers and Steam, when she had the experience of a white garbage bag appearing to be a pure white wedding dress. The workshop participants manipulated abstract objects that can take on a wide range of meanings like cotton and cloud motifs, and they were asked to animate the materials based on the different images that occurred to them at each moment.

The participants used the stands to create animation pieces with cotton provided by the workshop instructors and different things that they brought with them. The images didn’t need to literally depict clouds, since the important thing was the visual associations that spontaneously came to mind. In actuality, each group had images that came and went, including the ocean and washing machines. Asami Ike helped with photography and was in charge of the music. The participants hummed improvised melodies without using specific lyrics in response to the abstraction and transfiguration of the images.

After the workshop was finished, the two instructors spoke about the animation production concepts that they wanted the participants to grasp through the workshop. Emi Kawaguchi spoke about “getting ideas from images instead of words, which is how we tend to think,” and “the surprised of self-discovery that happens through spontaneously creating things that defy your own expectations.” Ike spoke specifically about “discovering the pleasure of creating things that are mystifying and that have never been seen before, instead of doing things by the book.” (Nobuaki Doi)