報告2 長野での滞在制作(2016年5月16日〜29日) / Report 2 Artist in Residence in Nagano (May 16 to 29, 2016)

報告2 長野での滞在制作






Report 2  Artist in Residence in Nagano

Tan Wei Keong and Kapie Eipak

May 16-29, 2016@Nagano-City

For this artist-in-residence project co-sponsored by the Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum and supported by the Monzen Omotenashi Kaigi, animation artists Tan Wei Keong and Kapie Eipak stayed in the “Monzen” district near Zenkoji Temple in central Nagano City and collaborated with local residents to create art works over a two-week period during May 16 – 29, 2016.

Tan Wei Keong created a split-screen video installation called Conversation. The video centers on the motif of photos arriving from parents who live far away and deals with the themes of distance between generations and also physical distance. Tan Wei Keong had people in Nagano City’s Shinkoji neighborhood stand in front of the camera and videotaped them turning around to look back. He used a technique called rotoscoping to trace the live-action footage and turn it into animation. He also included natural motifs from Nagano such as mountains and flowers.

The theme for Kapie Eipak’s piece was the Binzuru statue, known as “Binzuru-san,” situated in the main hall at Zenkoji Temple. Binzuru is said to cure physical ailments if you rub the statue’s corresponding body part. Various parts of the statue have been rubbed smooth over the years, and as a result the statue’s face has disappeared. Kapie Eipak had people in Nagano draw pictures of how they think Binzuru-san’s face originally looked and he created an animation piece that morphed the faces one after another. For his art installation, he projected the animation onto pictures of Binzuru-san that he drew himself. As a way of saying thank you, he drew portraits of the participants and put those pictures on display as well. According to Eipak, when people try to draw something that they perceive as being metaphysical, they unwittingly end up drawing a picture of themselves. So, this project also is a collection of self-portraits by people in Nagano.